know you

by rollerdate

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released August 31, 2014



all rights reserved


rollerdate Nevada

taylor is my name and messy music is my game.

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Track Name: i used to love the movie big with tom hanks
how can i plan out my whole life right now?
it's passing by fast like trees in the window
and i don't know how
i don't want to sleep
i don't want to eat
because today is passing by too fastly
today is tomorrow
tomorrow is suddenly right now
i'm not ready right now
i won't ever be

i don't want to
no i don't want to
i don't want to grow up
kill me kill me kill me
while i'm still young
i don't want to grow
no i don't want to grow up
kill me kill me kill me
while i'm still young
Track Name: know you
we lay in the park and
i tried to see you in the dark
we held each other so tight
and ran through the light

you can hold my hand
i wont stop you
not a chance
i want to make you feel
like i do

you and i lay on your bed
drinking cheap wine
out of little cups
and i never felt more alive
than when i did on that night
i still remember
the look in your eyes

you can hold my hand
i wont stop you
not a chance.
but you can' t hold your breath.

i want to know you
i want to know you
and i want you to know me, too.
Track Name: away
i want to go far away
buy me a ticket for a bus
or a train
just make me go somewhere
with new faces

don't want to be in this heat anymore.
just close the door
and let me go
where the trees are
tall and green.
where i can
fall and skin my knees.
i want to feel happiness again.
not here anymore.
the heat is such a bore.

don't wait for me,
i'm only going to leave you in the heat.
i just want to leave
all of this behind me.

don't try to convince me to stay too long
i am a mess without a cause
i'll only fuck you up
Track Name: all the time
i've been trying to change who i am
changing how i dress and how i do my hair
trying to kill whatever it is
that makes me feel so fucking stupid

all the time i try to make my life worth living
all the time i think about stopping

i've been trying to change how i feel
by changing the books that i feel captivated by
i can't kill whatever is inside
Track Name: i don't want to scare you
if i was a ghost, i'd hold your hand
kiss you softly, go to bed
spooky dates in disneyland

go to the beach and run around
write our names down on the ground
touch so warm, but not a sound

call you up on the phone,
remind you you're not alone
send a chill down through your bones

i wanna be ur ghostly girlfriend
i wanna be ur spooky girlfriend